Prolific artist Pamela Gladding makes her home and studio in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, where her garden is among her inspiration. She uses her garden for reference, along with the bees, butterflies, birds and whatever she finds in nature. 

Her gardens provide seasonal references for her artwork and are rejuvenating after spending a long day in her studio. She feels that being in her garden has a meditative effect that is restorative. 


Gladding's gardens, home, husband, dogs and cats are the mainstay of her existence and the foundation for her creative endeavors. She also travelled the world, and got an intensive, specialized training due to her commissions in Switzerland, Amsterdam, Italy, and Paris. 


These travels and work provided her with a solid foundation for the creation of decorative artwork and design for products including prints, paintings, greeting cards, and dishes through Certified International.


Certified International Flora by Pamela Gladding was produced from 2003 to 2004.


These canisters feature beautiful hand painted blue hydrangea and mauve flowers and yellow butterflies.  Each canister has a rubber gasket to help seal and cushion the lid to the bottom.


The pots measure approximate: Large: 9” tall x 7” wide

Medium: 8” tall x 6 ½” wide

Small: 7” tall x 6” wide

Smaller: 6” tall x 5” wide


Upon inspection, there appear to be no cracks or chips.  The canisters all appear to be in excellent condition.  


Please let us know if you have any questions, we are always happy to assist.  


Happy Shopping!


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