This antique collection of books, The Library of the World’s Best Literature (ancient and modern) consists of 30 volumes (I-XXX), copyright 1897-1898. Edited by Charles Dudley Warner, published by R.S. Peale and J. A. Hill of The Werner Company, in Akron, Ohio, USA. These antique books are stunning to see!  They do show signs of their age.  Many books do have weak binding and sun died spines.  Other than that, they are in good to great condition for being 124 years old!  We didn’t notice any torn pages or markings unless noted below. The hardcover books are maroon(ish) with gold typography on the spine.  The front and back cover is simply embossed with a border and nothing else.  These books have a simple elegance to them!   Each book has a range of literary masters and/or general index of terms.   Each volume is listed below with copyright dates and notable issues: I: A-APU © 1896 II: AQU-BAG © 1896III: BAG-BER © 1897 (a newspaper cutout stained pages 1818-1819.)IV: BES-BRO © 1897 (Pencil marking on the first few pages,  two pressed leaves, still in place).V: BRO-CAI © 1897 (red pencil pages 2973-2975; binding)VI: CAL-CHR 1897 VII: CIC-CUV © 1897VIII: DAH-DRA © 1897 IX: DRA-EME © 1897  (Pencil marks Pages 5359-5364 (very light))X: EMP-FRO © 1897 XI: FRO-GRE © 1897 XII: GRE-HEN © 1897XIII: HER-HUX © 1897 (pencil marks pages 7331-7332)XIV: IBN-JUV © 1897 XV: KAB-LES © 1897 (spine deterioration)XVI: LEV-MAI © 1897XVII: MAI-MOM © 1897 (the gold lettering on the spine is faint)XVIII: MOM-OLD © 1897 XIX: OLI-PHI © 1897 XX: PHI-QUI © 1897 (spine deterioration)XXI: RAB-RUS © 1897 (white mark on back cover; stain on last few pages—white filler pages, no text on these pages)XXII: SAG-SHA © 1897 (spine deterioration)XXIII: SHA-STA © 1897XXIV: STA-TAL © 1897 (pencil marks first blank page; pencil marks pages vii, viii, ix)XXV: TAS-TUR © (pen mark page 14551) XXVI: TUR-WAT © 1897XXVII: WAT-ZOR © 1897 (spine deterioration)XXVIII: SONGS, HYMNS AND LYRICS © 1898 (spine deterioration)XXIX: BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY © 1898 XXX: SYNOPSES OF BOOKS - GENERAL INDEX © 1898 Volumes 1-28 contain 17,022 pages of text! Please note:  we take pride in not misrepresenting the products we sell, however we did not go page by page so we may have missed a few times.   If you have any questions,  please feel free to ask, we are always happy to assist! Please note:  These books are exceptional heavy. The collection weighs in at over 100 pounds!  It will ship in two (or three) boxes via USPS Media Mail.  Shipping will be 7-14 business days.  If you need expedited shipping, please contact us for rates prior to placing your order.   #home #decor #Book #bookcollection #vintage #collection #set #library #office #gift #giftideas #denver #literature #hymns #lyrics #literature #historic #antique

The Library of the Worlds Best Literature (Ancient & Modern) (c) 1896-1898

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